Uploading Date April 24, 2014

The objective of the consultancy is to build capacity of PDMA Balochistan in core technical areas, specifically to improve preparedness and response capabilities at the institutional level.

  1. Terms of Reference for Training and Capacity Building of PDMA Balochistan
  2. REOI- Consultants Services for Training and Capacity Building of PDMA Balochistan.

Scoping Workshop on Hazard & Risk Assessment of Quetta

Uploading Date March 27, 2014

Scoping Workshop on Hazard & Risk Assessment of Quetta was held in Islamabad Serena Hotel on 25th March 2014. Technical Committee members National Disaster Management Authority NDMA, SUPARCO, Pakistan MET, Geological Survey of Pakistan, Survey of Pakistan and World Bank attended the seminar and discussed on the Terms of Reference and methodologies for Risk Assessment.

35 people were charred in major accident on RCD Highway in Balochistan.

Uploading Date March 22, 2014

The accident, involving two passenger coaches and a petrol tanker, took place on the Bagar Nala near the Gadani Morr on the N-25 also known as the RCD highway at about 6:30AM. Thirty five people were burnt to death while 30 were injured. 35 deceased include women and children who were heading for Karachi from different parts of Balochistan.

PDMA Balochistan is in close coordination with district administration. Rescues teams and fire brigade arrived at the scene and shifted the injured and the bodies to Jam Qadir and Karachi hospitals.

These passenger buses travelling between Balochistan and Karachi have automatic hydraulic doors and their windows are sealed because the buses are air conditioned, so most of the passengers were trapped inside.


PDMA Balochistan has established the Collection Point (Donation /Relief Goods) for drought Affectees of Tharparkar.

Uploading Date March 12, 2014

Sequel to the drought like situation in Tharparkar which has drawn the attention of people from all over the country, various communities and organization are approaching for contribution (Donation /Relief Goods) to alleviate the suffering of Tharparkar affectees.

In order to facilitate the donors and Communities PDMA Balochistan has established the Collection Point (Donation /Relief Goods) for drought Affectees of Tharparkar.

  • Address:          PDMA office Grain Silos, Shaikh Manda , Airport Road , Quetta.
  • Website: 
  • Phone:             +92-81-2880245, +92-81-2881168
  • Fax:                  +92-81-2880189, +92-81-2881167


Evaluation Report – Field Vehicles

Uploading Date March 10, 2014

Evaluation Report of Field Vehicle for BDMP.

Download EVL Report.

PDMA Balochistan Dispatched 50 Metric Ton Rice for Drought Affectees of Tharparkar

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Chief Minister Balochistan and Minister PDMA have expressed deep sense of grief and sorrow over the life losses in Tharparkar due to drought. The Chief Minister further directed to provide all possible humanitarian help to the affected.

In this Regard the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) Balochistan has dispatched 1000 bags of Rice (50 KG each) for the Drought affectees.


Uploading Date March 7, 2014

Hiring of Contract Administrator

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Hiring of firm (Logistic Development)

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Purchase of Logistic Trucks.

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  2. RFQ for Logistic Trucks

Request for Quotations

Uploading Date January 1, 2014

Request for Quotations for Purchase of Vehicle.

Download RFQ.

Consultant Services

Uploading Date November 25, 2013


Uploading Date October 29, 2013
  1. Financial Management Specialist :Position Closed
  2. Project Coordinator :Position Closed
  3. DRM Policy Expert :Position Closed
  4. Community Based DRM Expert:Position Closed
  5. Emergency Response Expert :Position Closed
  6. MIS/GIS Expert :Position Closed
  7. Risk Assessment Expert :Position Closed
  8. Monitoring and Evaluation Expert:Position Closed
  9. Procurement Expert:Position Closed