The whole of Balochistan province lies in a seismically active region. The province has experienced devastating earthquakes in the past. A powerful earthquake devastated Quetta town and the adjoining areas on May 31, 1935 at 02.33am local time (PST). Nearly 35,000 people were reported killed, most of those fatalities occurred in Quetta alone. Tremors were felt throughout Pakistan and as far as Agra in India. The quake was centred 4.0 kilometres SW of Ali Jan (Balochistan). The magnitude of this earthquake was at 7.0 on the richter scale. Some facts about the Quetta earthquake of 1935: Almost the whole city of Quetta was reduced to rubble with thousands of people buried under the collapsed buildings Many houses caught fire and were razed down The colonial army quarters were damaged extensively The railways in Quetta was destroyed Surrounding villages were also destroyed with very heavy casualties Neighbouring districts of Quetta too had fatalities and casualties On the 28th November 1945, at 05:26 PST, an other earthquake measuring 8.6 on the Richter scale hit Balochistan. The epicentre was 97.6 km SSW of Pasn i in Balochistan. The quake triggered a huge tsunami that caused great damage to the entire Makran coastal region, killing around 4,000 people along the coastline. Recorded Earthquake Incidences in Balochistan in the recent past Year Place Intensity at R/Scale Year Place Intensity at R/Scale 1909 Kech 7.2 1987 Quetta, Chaman 5.6 1935 Quetta, Mach 7.0 1990 Quetta, Kalat, Khuzdar, Mastung, Kalat, Nushki, Surab 5.8-6.1 1935 Quetta, Mastung, Kalat 7.5 1992 Khuzdar, Nal, Quetta 5.7 1941 Quetta 5 1993 Quetta/Pishin, Makran/Gwadar 5.7 1945 Pasni/Makran 8.6 1995 Quetta 5.2 1952 Loralai 5.8 1996 Quetta 5.3 1954 Khuzdar, Nal, Wadh 5.7 1997 Quetta, Mastung, Mach, Sibi, Harnai 5-6.2 1955 Quetta 6 1998 Quetta, Dalbandin 5.3 1956 Kalat, Barkan 6 1999 Barkan 5.2 1957 Khuzdar 5.5 2000 Quetta, Sibi, Ziarat, Harnai and Duki 6 1975 Quetta 5.4 2002 Balochistan Boarder 6 1978 Quetta, Nushki 5.3 2003 Naukundi, Musa Khail 5.3 1983 Khuzdar 6.5 2004 Sibi 5.5 1986 Khuzdar 5.4 Source: Data extracted from Meteorological Department – Quetta Station